The Brief

VIX, one of the largest video publishers in the world with 70 million social followers and over 1.4 billion views every month, commissioned us, New Discovery to work with them on a series of projects with some famous and very talented artists, such as Ivy Queen, Juan Magan, Jencarlos Canela, Paty Cantú and David Bisbal. These were no ordinary interviews, filled with out-of-the-box questions, special invite of a small audience into the studio and, video call interaction with fans around the world through Google Hangouts. 

The Approach

Our goal was to make interview spaces that could also work as branded content without removing the artists’ essence and their ideas. 

The first project we worked on was with Ivy Queen. We did some scenography artwork for this interview and although the vision was to make it something small, we ended up delivering around 3 large videos. This first project exceeded expectations of our work and opened doors full of opportunities for us to work with various other projects in the future. 

Given the success obtained from the collaborative work between VIX and us, we were invited yet again to produce an interview with Jencarlos Canela. This second project had a twist because this time we had the opportunity of inviting fans over to the studio. Our creativity flew because we did the set design for the complete production. We ended up delivering around 18 short clips for this project. 

VIX presented these two clips to Chevrolet and they were sold on the idea to pick up the following interviews.  New Discovery was back on duty with these interviews which turned out a lot more interactive, they were an intimate space, an opportunity to get to know the artist, the behind-the-scenes, and a lot of personal anecdotes from each of them. 

This next round of interviews was rebranded as “Canciones” (Songs) and they were kicked off by, Juan Magán. We thought it would be a great experience to invite DJ students as audience guests, which was a great opportunity since Juan Magan gave them tips on how to grow in their careers. 

Next came Paty Cantú with whom we had a very fun interview, where we had fans in the studio as well as from all over the world thanks to Hangout sessions.  Paty shared some of her best songs as well as a few covered. 

David Bisbal was our last invited artist to this project. At that time, David Bisbal was a coach from the show “The Voice”, so we recreated a mini version of the program with his fans.  Again we joined with representatives from his fan clubs from other parts of the world through HangOuts, and we were so impressed at the fact that he knew them by name. 

The work

In all of those projects, we had the opportunity of developing a full production from script development to catering. We did talent management, the logistic organization around the talent’s needs, and casting. We worked in some important studios in Miami such as Showbusiness Studio Miami, Miami Film Studios, and  Noisematch Studios.  

As a growing team, we faced many challenges in this project. We developed content, concepts, and the thematic structure for each interview. 

Thanks to this project we started to structure better our project management, giving time and space to the talent without neglecting the production needs. We also polished our skills working with big-name artists.  But, our greatest lesson from this project was the value of good production. 

We will always be more than thankful to VIX for giving us the opportunity of growing and working together. This was the beginning of many other important projects that we carried out together. 

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