The Brief

VIX, one of the largest video publishers in the world with 70 million social followers and over 1.4 billion views every month, commissioned us, New Discovery Media leading the production of 36  min branded content videos for an online digital campaign for the Us Hispanic Market, Brazil, and Mexico audience for the Orlando, Florida Walt Disney parks. 

They needed a company that performed excellently in the area and could achieve the objectives efficiently. We were that company. New Discovery was characterized for carrying out projects on a large and small scale with excellence, immediacy, and speed. We had what it took to carry out this project: talent, discipline, and enthusiasm. 

The objective: Recreate scenes that tell emotional stories instead of focusing on showing commercials stories and direct sales by highlighting different rides and areas of the park through shot scenes with about 35 cast members. Creativity was needed. 

The Approach

Time was running out; we planned and coordinated a trip to Florida as quickly as possible. We were going to do the best to succeed. Without a doubt, this project was a fun challenge because who is going to Disney hard? 

We had few scripts and no visited location to see the requirements that the production would imply. Our team had no contact with the end customer. Certainly! It was a challenge. 

Once we carried out visits to all locations and attractions in which we would work in the park, we scheduled the most direct route to cover the parks in the shortest time possible. We had to cover 5 to 6 attractions daily between morning and afternoon, and when we say covering attractions, we mean that we had to GET ON all of them to make the shot. 

Availability for another challenge. The planning often changed because we had to see the availability of the attractions. Our prior was the customer experience and not interrupting their interactions while recording. 

One of the most emotional moments during filming was a scene of a father and his daughter. It was the first time the girl visited Walt Disney World and got to meet her favorite princess from the Frozen movie.

The work

Although it was a big challenge, we achieved the objective to carry out a successful job in the stipulated time. Although we faced some difficulties, our New Discovery Media team and the VIX team took the necessary roles to get the needed results.

We delivered content that included gender, language, and country with a post-production part of 35 videos in 3 different languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese. 

In the Disney spirit, our story ends with the achievement of our goals and a great lived experience. We are totally satisfied with great production and two happy customers.

We hope you can take pleasure in the teamwork results between VIX and New Discovery Media that we achieved by working together. It was a harmonious and pleasant work that flowed thanks to the good disposition of all the participants.

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