VIX, one of the largest video publishers in the world with 70 million social followers and over 1.4 billion views every month, chose us once again to work with them for another filming project for a US-recognized company: Target. 

This project was directed towards the Hispanic audience living in the U.S., we wanted them to feel at home. The purpose of this project was to transmit Latin American traditions of the celebration of Christmas and New Year. 

Our first project was to shoot a commercial video that was directed towards the storytelling of the Christmas tradition. Our goal was to promote all the Target decorations in a sublime, loving, and fun way, that is why we had a complete family (yes, including their dog) coming over for the video shoot. What made this video unique was that the family shared their real traditions with us, which is why the video ended up showing complete transparency, love, and the family enjoyment for the holidays. 

Everything turned out as magical as Christmas itself, from the decorations that Target provided us, to the family’s love in the video.

For the next project, our goal was to transmit a more festive and new year’s inclined tradition. We had two mothers and daughters coming over to shoot this commercial so we wanted to make something special, we wanted to tell a story but also promote Target’s products. They were special scenes, where mother and daughter shared the magic of this holiday season. 

For both projects, our most difficult challenge was to work with very little time and child actors, as we know their safety is first, filming with them has a lot of protocols we had to follow and our time on set was very limited. With the help of an interior designer, we also created most of the sets; we decorated the tree, the dining room, and we wrapped the gifts. 

Our videos were shot at a mansion in Miami and we ended up delivering 4 video pieces. 

Working with VIX for Target, allowed us to learn more about on-set artwork, talent coordination, casting, production, and post-production. 

Once again, we were very happy and thankful to VIX for choosing us to be part of their projects. We always learn something when we work together. 

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