Motel Room 11 is one of many university projects that our director, founder, and CEO Jonalex Herrera took on.

Without a doubt, this video has a 360° twist. What appears to be a romantic affair of a man with a young woman, ends up being a last and desperate sacrifice. 

The Approach

This production undoubtedly conveys a strong message, this story would seem to be fiction but it turned out to be something that happens every day: human trafficking. Somehow we have focused on raising awareness that it is a problem that can change someone’s life in a matter of seconds.

The work

For us, the most important thing in our productions is collaboration. We always collaborate with very professional and willing people which makes it easy for us to provide them with great experience as a team, this is why we focus on making sure that we can provide them all of the best possible preparation, organization, and experience necessary for a successful production.

We had a few challenges as we were filming this video. One was finding places and permits for filming on, and also the people who appeared in it. As in any other serious production, even if it was a “guerrilla production”, we had to maintain the seriousness of procedures on set. Making sure that our actors and the entire crew were all taken care of by managing their work with professionalism. It is important for us that they feel valued and that we maintain a professional level with each one of them. We value what they do. 

It was a very special production because it was the first time that our producer, co-founder, and COO, Liz Pasillas appeared in front of the camera as an actress. There were many friends who, under the direction of Jonalex, helped in the behind-the-scenes with the lights, special effects, among other things. 

It is also very important for us to follow up on the distribution of our projects and that is why we appreciate the talent that joins us because they are always seeking to convey a powerful message and quality content. This production, despite being a school project, had such an impact that it was even presented at the Plaza Theater in El Paso, TX.

Our Services

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Location Scouting


Script & Story Development


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Creative Direction

Talent Coordination


Makeup & Hair

Post Production:


Visual Effects & Compositing



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