More Than One-Success story

More Than One, Best Local Short Film Award-winning.


The Mexican Attorney General’s Office reported that between 2006 and 2011, around 47,517 deaths were reported as a result of executions, confrontations, and assaults linked to organized crime.

In Ciudad Juarez, in the state of Chihuahua, the number rose to 7,643. All are linked to drug trafficking and organized crime.

More Than One was inspired by a particular incident that took place on the border between El Paso, Tx, and Ciudad Juarez, where a border patrol agent killed an innocent teenager on the canal that divides Cd. Juárez from El Paso, TX. 


This terrible news was what inspired our founder and creative director, Jonalex Herrera to write the script and then film it with the help of our producer and co-funder Liz Pasillas. It was an important film as it would reflect a problematic situation linked to many violent events. 

The script started as a school project while Jonalex attended NMSU’s Creative Media Institute, but it transcends to convey an important message. “We gathered the people closest to us to be part of this as actors and actresses in the video. The whole cast is directly related to us, and that is why it is even more special. The people who participated believed in us”, says Jonalex. 

This film tells a story that is lived daily in Ciudad Juarez. We believe there is no project more Juarense for us than this one because it comes from our pain, our empathy, and our love for our people and our resilient city. 

It was quite a journey to shoot this short film, we carried a light source to all the locations that allowed us to light the scenes, as well as the load of the cameras, and we had a lot of people supporting us with all the props. 


We ended up producing a video of about 14 minutes with an extremely powerful meaning. People liked it so much that we even had the opportunity to present it in Miami at the Plaza Classic Film Festival and the O Cinema in Wynwood Florida. We were also selected to be part of Seed&Spark’s #100daysofdiversity campaign and won the Best Local Short Film award presented by Joaquín Cosío at the Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Vagon.  

Without a doubt, it was a special project, one of our favorites. There was so much to express and reflect on. We are infinitely grateful to the people who believed in us, who collaborated in this project, and who were part of making it all possible. 


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