The Brief

It all goes back to Venezuela in 2014. There were a series of protests against the government due to crime, high inflation, commodity shortage, and other injustices that had the people burning with anger for so long. 

Leopoldo Lopez was ordered to arrest on different charges, all related to being against the government. A few days later, after Maduro asked him to turn himself in on the charges against him, Leopoldo López surrendered, but not before giving a speech of peace, hope, and change for his people.

Our creative director, CEO, and founder; Jonalex Herrera, who is originally from Venezuela wanted to express solidarity with his people, their pain, and the story of his country in a creative, but powerful way, that could create an impact on people’s lives. He wanted to create awareness of the harsh and shocking situation that was being experienced at that time in Venezuela. Although he knew it could be a controversial project, he decided to speak out and tell the story.

Despierta Venezuela combines fiction with the harsh reality facing the country at that time 

The Approach

It was made a short film of about 8 minutes with a hypothetical situation of what could be happening in the prisons of Venezuela. “There is a need in expressing that in Venezuela there is a lot of darkness as to the truth and the policy that is handled. Venezuelan news were the source of inspiration for writing this film”. Our CEO and Founder, Jonalex Herrera said in an interview for Mira Tv in “Noticiero 18”.

It was a particularly important project because we wanted to transcend. We wanted to make people know that what was happening in Venezuela was real, it was suffering. 

The work

One of the biggest challenges, besides telling the story, was getting actors who were willing to be part of something that could end in controversy. We did several castings, many people were very interested in the project but, in the end, due to political issues, some decided to withdraw. This is why we are very grateful to the actors who were part of this. We relied on a prepared, willing, talented, and brave cast of actors who made this film possible. 

“The fiction of something that could be happening. Why not reflect it?” Eduardo Wasveiler (actor), shared in this same interview. 

Just as we faced the challenge of getting willing actors, we also struggled to find the locations where we would shoot the film. For the prison, we had to make the set from scratch, we even had a builder friend coming over who supported us with the process of making locations look real. 

Our video had over 46,158 youtube views and it was shared on different social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, without mentioning that it was also streamed on many T.V. channels around the world. The scope of this production was undoubtedly greater than we expected. 

As a result of the distribution of this film on different platforms and social networks, we were able to fulfill our goal; tell the harsh situation in Venezuela and create empathy and awareness for the people who lived this reality. 

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