The Brief

Crawls was a short horror film that we submitted to Rode Microphones’ “My Rode Reel” contest.

We shot the project in an alley in Miami, Florida.  It was the perfect place to showcase true terror as it is almost entirely void of people. Jonalex Herrera, our founder, and creative director made sure the actors and actresses were very precise with every movement so that viewers would be able to feel all the fear without any distractions or barriers onscreen.

One of the challenges we faced in shooting this video was trying to find an empty location, besides the permit issue. Miami is a very busy city and it provided difficulty for us to keep our alley completely deserted on such short notice.

Our biggest challenge was undoubtedly the makeup, it took about 6 full hours of makeup to achieve the terrifying look we wanted with the actresses. One of them even stayed for a total of 10 hours straight with her eyes closed because of the makeup, so as you can imagine, it was quite a challenge to shoot the scenes and their movements. 

Working at night is another complicated challenge, there has to be more lighting and more production, fortunately, we are always accompanied by an excellent team that supports us in all our adventures. 

We had time on our hands and there was a part of the video that did not convince us due to the visual effects, so we decided to postpone our delivery. We really wanted to show off what we could do with some real quality work because it’s all about showing people who you are.

Despite all the challenges we faced, the energy on the set was magnificent, despite being a horror production, we had a lot of fun because we had the opportunity to work with amazing and extremely successful, and professional people in the world of art. Our characters were played by Ursula Canovas as the woman in rags, Krystia Moreno as the girl in the car, Carlos Rivero as the boy in the car, and Dianelis Barrero as the creature. We also had the collaboration of Jacques Santos who helped us with all the backstage and production of some specific shots for our film.

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