The Brief

Chilito Toreado is a project designed as a web series. It is a comedy project where we try to capture the traumas of a former Mexican wrestler that after his Lucha libre days, he decided to pursue his dream of cooking. Alongside his trustful cooking assistant or his “Pinche” as referred to by Mexican culture, who decided to leave her career in medicine after she saw Chilito in a Lucha libre and that is madly in love with him, tries to carry out a cooking show ala Martha Stewart or Good Morning America, however, his short temper and sporadic PTSD flashback trips bring back touchy memories from his old wrestling days which usually disrupt his plans for the show. 

Fortunately, his Pinche is always ready to sing a little bossa nova to his ear to calm him down and bring him back from his memories. His Pinche does not speak much Spanish, but through reality-tv-like interviews, she tells us in her own words how she met Chilito and serves also as a backstory teller for what goes around during the show. 

The Approach

We wanted to show through these episodes a fun way to explain historical facts related to the recipes shown. The goal was to create a pilot series in preparation for media markets (purchase and sale of content) 

The work

We did the whole pre-production, production, and post-production work from the script to the recording of the show. It was a very collaborative project. We had amazing people collaborating with us for this project. Even though there was a lot of work to do, the process as a whole went very smoothly. We all collaborated well together and we are grateful for everyone’s input into making this show happen. Even our set was a loan from dear friends who trusted a lot in this project. 

Being a comedy series, the atmosphere on the set was very fluid and very fun, we really had an incredible time and we had a lot of fun because despite being a production with a lot of responsibility (like any other), there were many great experiences that we remember fondly.

We had the participation of people like Ursula Canovas who helped us with the art direction.

Chilito Toreado was interpreted by Omar TheRed and his “Pinche” was interpreted by Carola Parmejano, we also had the special colaboration of talented people such as Gregorio Alvarez, Miguel Salaverría, Jacques Santos, Ronald Gestualdo, Randy Garcia Hernandez, Darien Cruz, Amada M. Arias, Taisha Figueroa, Araceli Villanueva and Erksy Ricano. We are very grateful for their contribution in areas such as makeup, production, soundtrack, collaboration, scenery and props.      

One of the funniest and heaviest challenges we faced was finding a way for Chilito to dress. It wasn’t easy, because his clothing isn’t really sold in either men’s or women’s stores. Even that challenge turned out to be fun!

This project was exhibited at a festival in Miami called “I’m not gonna move to L.A.”. 

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