VIX, one of the largest video publishers in the world with 70 million social followers and over 1.4 billion views every month, commissioned us to work together on another commercial filming project. 

We were shooting for a female panty lines company and the goal was to follow their script and idea of giving the audience tips for when traveling to the beach without falling into making it completely commercial. 

We used all of our creativity because we had to create a set from scratch; adding furniture, transmit an air of vacations inside a house and besides, the space was very limited. Through an exhaustive search, we even picked the set where we were going to shoot. 

One of the many challenges we met was working with our team within a small space, Miami’s heat, and the little time. We even helped with minimal modifications to the script. We ended up delivering 2 edited video pieces.  

Without a doubt, from all of our projects, we have learned something valuable and, through this project, we were able to polish our production process, in addition to polishing how to represent the brand without breaking the storytelling. 

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