3Sixty (previously the DFASS Group) is a world-class leader in retail options for travelers and travel-related audiences. They specialize in helping consumers and businesses access the enticing world of Duty-Free retail with a dynamic spectrum of services. They operate on five continents through a worldwide network of 120 packing and fulfillment stations and retail stores. 

The Brief

3Sixty needed onboard videos to promote duty-free products for a variety of important brands such as; Pandora, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Henessy, Johnny Walker, among others to be distributed in different airlines, mainly in Hawaiian Airlines. We were allowed to work with them and help with our creative capabilities. 

The Approach

We were tasked with producing seasonal clips that showcased all the promotions and products for their on-board video.  The goal was to present a short and engaging clip that unified several brands without losing the essence of the brand or the opportunity to show the products they offered. Great attention to detail was required for details of the different brands, such as; color, essence, and even the message that was wanted to convey. The challenge was to follow the guidelines and seek to convey through a commercial video, the feeling that people felt connected with the music, how the images moved, and the creative mood of the video.

The work

Our job was creative work. The goal was to develop an interactive catalog in which the user had the option to press a button on the screen to see and order different products while they were flying or to see the catalog of products to buy in the airport shops. It was a recreation of a physical catalog with some digital assets provided to us so we could make integration of the campaigns the brands themselves had. 

We wanted to get rid of collages and many images, keeping the brand’s identity as the top priority. Our goal was to tell a story using colors, sounds, and motion through clips that welcomed passengers as they boarded their flight, and served as calls to action that promoted sales. 

We are very proud and happy to have the opportunity of working with international brands, big corporations, and above all of having been able to contribute with a creative touch in a subliminal narrative to get the audience to buy those products. 

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