Discover a new way to tell your story, communicate a full potential with our business unit Film services for personalized impact video for branded content, music productions, documentaries, VFX, and more.

Now that we have all the pre-production ready it’s time to roll the camera! After all of the groundwork has been defined, it’s time to bring the script to life. 

The complexity will depend on the scope and objectives of your project. The production phase can last several days and at this moment, New discovery – Film, got a solid schedule for efficient production.

Our production process gathers:

Creative Direction

The process oversees and guides all the pieces to create and maintain the goals. 

The team establishes guidelines that guarantee a brand or project consistency in the different audiovisual assets or networks.


This is a production technique in which a voice is broadcast live or pre-recorded, it may be spoken by someone who appears on-screen in other segments or may be performed by a specialist voice actor.

Talent Coordination

A talent coordinator recruits talent for the corresponding production. The responsibilities include booking talent, acting as a link between the production and talent agents, negotiating the talent contracts, and overseeing the schedule from start to finish.

Props and Wardrobe 

At this step, we find physical materials according to the scene break out. A prop refers to an item that will be included and that the characters will be interacting with during the shot. Props generally include items like a phone, laptop, bottle of water, and general products.

Otherwise, the wardrobe is all the clothing and accessories that the principal actors and background artists wear to add believability to the messaging. The process involves knowledge of color translation on screen, environments, and skin tone, styles, or fabrics.

Ideas craft and filled to engage, inspire and drive both emotion and actions


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