In the post-production phase, our professionals are taking the final steps, merging what holds into a masterpiece the movie together. But, what is Post-Production, who’s involved, and what should you consider?

The Post-Production process involves editors, sound engineers, foley artists, colorists, and more professionals to polish your project. The team is in charge of getting the best practices for different formats across social media, television, features, and other visual mediums or platforms. 

It is important to think about your budget, the size project, and which platform will be needed, to define the process flow for the Post-Production.

After a successful production, it’s time for our team to move into the post-production phase. Also known as “editing”, this is where all of the footage is pieced together to make a successful story. We clean the video and start to tell a story, adding extra elements as motion graphics or making VFX and composition. Everything comes together in post, starting with a post-production meeting.

At this time,  we will build out a schedule and provide the client with estimated dates for reviewing the video versions. We are ready to assemble our post-production team to hand off the video footage, audio, and shot notes, along with any notes about updates or changes from the initial production plan.

This is where your story starts. Make a masterpiece that'll grow your business


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